Mayatkı - Official and Custom Made Fan Scarves Producer

MAYATKI was founded in 1997, but its actually existing in the sector with various companies since 1990. We have a serious position in domestic market with our facilities producing labels, with state-of-the-art machinery. In 2005, we registered MAY ATKI brand and start producing scarf under this brand name. We have been registered as a Turkish brand in 2010 and as a world brand in 2014.  Since 2010 we have licensed 5 major sports clubs in Turkey and we sell licensed scarves in  retail market. In the meantime, we have been heading to foreign markets since 2010. We are currently exporting scarves, sportswear and promotional items to various parts of the world in Europe, Middle East and Africa markets. We are licensed scarves manufacturers of major sports clubs, brands and sports organizations in abroad.We export our scarves to all over the world in our production facilities in Istanbul.

Our Quality Policy

Our company, which operates with the principle of offering the best quality products to its customers since its establishment, is always undergoing innovations in the textile sector with its customer oriented service policy. One of our aim is to make production at world standards. All of our materials are ISO 9001 certified. Keeping customer satisfaction at the top level is our main goal. There is a management system that aims to optimize all the processes from design, development, procurement to production.

Our Mission

It constantly develops to keep up with rapid changes and updates its product and service understanding. We are always trying to be one step ahead of change. MAY ATKI is a continuous development with the courage to try the test. Our goal is to contribute to the development of Turkey in the world textile sector by steadily growing in the coming years.

Our Vision

MAY ATKI is proud of being the leading company in Turkey in the textile sector with its values and strong image that it has taken principle to produce effective solutions for all kinds of customer needs. MAY ATKI, serving with its expert staff, always aims to provide better service with the importance given to quality and the belief that customer satisfaction is above all.

Some of Our References